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Time: 2020-06-11T04:59:30Z • Discovery and Access location marshall Tuesday Despite these gains, access to scholarly literature remains a pressing global issue. Foremost, widespread subscription access remains restricted to institutions, such as universities or medical centers. Smaller institutions or those in the developing world often have poor access to scholarly literature ( Meadows, 2015; Kirsop and Chan, 2005; Bendezú-Quispe et al., 2016). As a result, only a tiny percentage of the world’s population has been able to access much of the scholarly literature, despite the fact that the underlying research was often publicly or philanthropically funded. Compounding the problem is that publications have historically been the primary, if not sole, output of scholarship. Although copyright does not apply to ideas, journals leverage the copyright covering an article’s prose, figures, and typesetting to effectively paywall its knowledge. "Prices for online content from two providers have increased by about 145% over the past six years, which far exceeds not only the consumer price index, but also the higher education and the library price indices," an internal Harvard memo read. A Harvard researcher crunched the numbers: The cost of academic journals is rising much faster than the consumer price index. Harvard 17 ноября в интервью Александра Элбакян заявила, что проект Sci-Hub продолжит работу, несмотря на блокировку сайта Роскомнадзором [57]: senior compositor: Industrial Light & Magic • Travel History [ edit ] Jenny Tobin Einsichten eines Wissenschaftsnarren (15): Academic/scholarly

New To Techdirt? Until the end of 2014, Sci-Hub relied on LibGen as storage: papers requested by users were requested from LibGen and served from there if available, otherwise they were fetched by other means and then stored on LibGen. [2] The permanent storage made it possible to serve more users than the previous system of deleting the cached content after 6 hours. [4] Daily Deal: The Epic Python Developer Certification Bundle (0) Elbakyan declined to say exactly how she obtains the papers, but she did confirm that it involves online credentials: the user IDs and passwords of people or institutions with legitimate access to journal content. She says that many academics have donated them voluntarily. Publishers have alleged that Sci-Hub relies on phishing emails to trick researchers, for example by having them log in at fake journal websites. “I cannot confirm the exact source of the credentials,” Elbakyan told me, “but can confirm that I did not send any phishing emails myself.” Нельзя оправдывать какое-либо действие только намерениями. Ведь сколько раз вы сами в жизни слышали в ответ на свой упрек слова «ну я же хотел как лучше». History [ edit ] Not the answer you're looking for? Browse other questions tagged publications journals publishers legal-issues online-publication or ask your own question. The journal publishers take a very different view. “I’m all for universal access, but not theft!” tweeted Elsevier’s director of universal access, Alicia Wise, on 14 March during a heated public debate over Sci-Hub. “There are lots of legal ways to get access.” Wise’s tweet included a link to a list of 20 of the company’s access initiatives, including Share Link. • Year 1 Maths

Clases abiertas y gratuitas: Los bienes comunes en la discusión latinoamericana Clem So The publication backlog of Sentinel-1 NTC products and of Sentinel-2 Level-1C products has been gradually absorbed between 15:00 UTC, 27 May 2020 and 12:00 UTC, 28 May 2020. • Файлообмен и закон Aech: Just practicing Mario Kart. What do you think? IOI trying to kill us man! Как сделать: Lag-time from publication to LibGen upload. • Synthetic Biology Science Fiction • use and derive simple equations and carry out appropriate calculations • Book Awards Pero, ¿qué son las predatory journals? Es un concepto que acuñó el bibliotecario Jeffrey Beall para referirse a los editores que crean revistas “científicas” cero rigurosas en sus publicaciones, que se valen del modelo OpenAccess para lucrarse con el dinero que le cobran a los autores por publicar. Podéis leer el artículo de Beall publicado en 2012 en Nature: Predatory publishers are corrupting open access. supervising sound editor (uncredited)

Following the lawsuit by Elsevier in March 2019 in France, Elsevier, Springer, John Wiley, and Cambridge University Press filed a complaint against Proximus, VOO, Brutélé and Telenet to block access to Sci-Hub and LibGen. The publishers claimed to represent more than half of the scientific publishing sector, and indicated that over 90% of the contents on the sites infringed copyright laws; they won the lawsuit. [35] Since then, the two sites are blocked by those ISPs; visitors are redirected to a stop page by Belgian Federal Police instead, citing illegality of the site's content under Belgian legislation. On 7 March 2019, following a complaint by Elsevier and Springer Nature, a French court ordered French ISPs to block access to Sci-Hub and Library Genesis. [32] [33] However, the court order did not affect the academic network Renater, through which most French academic access to Sci-Hub presumably goes. [34] Belgium [ edit ] «Двое ученых из России и Мексики описали несколько видов насекомых, найденных в южной части Мексики. Одного из них назвали в Вашу честь, чтобы отметить Ваш вклад в развитие науки». Обидеться на это может только идиот.Если это Вас обижает, может Вам проконсультироваться с психологом? • العربية Latest update: see the section on Long Term Archive for the upgrade of the interfaces for access to offline data. Элбакян что, сделала весь проект в одиночку, от и до? Написала весь софт, договорилась с кучей людей, предоставивших доступ к VPN'ам своих организаций для бесплатной загрузки статей, сама админит сервера и прочие ресурсы? @scholarlykitchn is spotlighting research & researchers writing abt systemic racism. Today we feature an article fr @Gizmodo featuring @IBJIYONGI on #SHUTDOWNSTEM & #shutdownacademia day.

haptic rig crew • Xataka Móvil Robert Q. Mathews Concepts When Elbakyan started Sci-Hub in 2011, “it was a side project,” she says. She operated it without a repository for downloaded articles. With every request for a paper, a new copy was downloaded through a university’s subscription. It would automatically be deleted six hours later. If, for some reason, a person couldn’t access a paper through one university’s servers, they could switch and download them through another’s. • Shop with Points • Suburb of Washington DC, Metro Station Stop • Share to Twitter • ^ Chitwood, Adam (February 9, 2016). "Steven Spielberg's 'Ready Player One' Flees 'Star Wars', Sets New 2018 Release Date". Collider. Complex Media. Archived from the original on August 28, 2017 . Retrieved June 10, 2017. “Sci-Hub started as an automation for what I was already doing manually,” Elbakyan says. It grew organically from her desire to let people download papers “at the click of a button.” Users loved it. Sci-Hub’s use proliferated across the forum immediately — though it took longer for it to outgrow the forum. Niven’s series has influenced countless sci fi writers, such as Ernest Cline and Terry Pratchett, and is even referred to in the D&D Planescape. 29. Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky (1972) • Tribler • Learned society • Tribler • Image sharing ... Sci-Hub’s coverage of 2016 articles in open access journals was just 32.7% compared to 78.8% for articles in toll access journals ( Figure 6—figure supplement 1). Upon further investigation, we discovered that in June 2015, Sci-Hub ceased archiving articles in PeerJ, eLife, and PLOS journals, although they continued archiving articles in other open access journals such as Scientific Reports, Nature Communications, and BMC-series journals. Sci-Hub currently redirects requests for these delisted journals to the publisher’s site, unless it already possesses the article, in which case it serves the PDF. These findings suggest Sci-Hub prioritizes circumventing access barriers rather than creating a single repository containing every scholarly article. Coverage by category of access status Tour • Analysis Commission Guidelines Sc3/4.1a recognise that they need light in order to see things and that dark is the absence of light Web of Science: 103,491 articles published between 2009–2015 and classified as citable items in Web of Science. Whether Ben Mendelsohn or Hannah John-Kamen will be back as the villainous Nolan Sorrento and F'Nale Zandor, respectively, remains to be seen though as they were arrested for their misdeeds at the end of the movie. Ready Player One 2 director: Would Steven Spielberg return? Most operating systems also have a hosts file which is basically your own saved copy of DNS on your local machine that you can manually add entries to if you desire. 100% Kopernio, which was created in 2017, offers a browser plugin — already available for free — that makes it easier for researchers to find and download literature. Academics hunting for research papers often need to sign into multiple websites and follow many links to locate a downloadable PDF, despite having legal access. Researchers might also not be able to read paywalled journals while off campus, even if their institution is a subscriber. Loyola And News es la plataforma informativa, de opinión y debate público de la Universidad Loyola, primera universidad privada de iniciativa social de la Comunidad, promovida por la Compañía de Jesús. • PLOS ONE • Millenium • • ExtraTorrent • Imprisonment • Free Online 10-Minute Tests Send you contribution to the Bitcoin address: • Use dmy dates from October 2019 • Higher Education staff and students: Anyone who works at an institution of Higher Education and any students who are attending or have been accepted into the Higher Education system can get the discounts. For each year of publication from 2010–2017, we plot the relationship between lag-time and LibGen scimag’s coverage. For example, this plot shows that 75% of articles published in 2011 were uploaded to LibGen within 60 months. This analysis only considers articles for which a month of publication can reliably be extracted, which excludes all articles allegedly published on January 1. This plot portrays lag-times as decreasing over time, with maximum coverage declining. For example, coverage for 2016 articles exceeded 50% within 6 months, but appears to have reached an asymptote around 60%. Alternatively, coverage for 2014 took 15 months to exceed 50%, but has since reached 75%. However, this signal could result from post-dated LibGen upload timestamps. Therefore, we caution against drawing any conclusions from the TimeAdded field in LibGen scimag until its accuracy can be established more reliably. This page appears when Google automatically detects requests coming from your computer network which appear to be in violation of the Terms of Service. The block will expire shortly after those requests stop. In the meantime, solving the above CAPTCHA will let you continue to use our services. ... This landmark novel begins with a simple proposition – what if humans could teleport? – and sprawls into a tale of rebirth and vengeance that winds across the Solar System: The Count of Monte Cristo for the interstellar age. First published as Tiger! Tiger! in the UK, named after the William Blake poem, it follows Gully Foyle – a violent, uneducated brute who spends six months marooned in deep space, and the rest of the book seeking retribution for it. Buy on Amazon or start a 30-day Audible trial Read next • Shareaza adr mixer: Digital Domain • L Rebout • SATs Year 6 • ^ a b Smith, David (25 February 2016). "Sci-Hub: How Does it Work?". The Scholarly Kitchen. Archived from the original on 28 October 2018 . Retrieved 28 April 2018. In this study, we use the term “toll access” (also known as “closed access”) to refer to paywalled literature ( Suber, 2017). On the other hand, we refer to literature that is free to read as “open access”. Furthermore, we discuss two variants of open access: “libre” and “gratis” ( Suber, 2017; Suber, 2008). Libre open access refers to literature that is openly licensed to allow reuse. Gratis open access refers to literature that is accessible free of charge, although permission barriers may remain (usually due to copyright) ( Himmelstein, 2016). • US • Year 2 programme of study Copyright laws render the operation of most online libraries illegal. Hence many people are deprived from knowledge, while at the same time allowing rightholders to have a huge benefits from this. The copyright fosters increase of both informational and economical inequality. • Servidor DNS preferido: • compositor: Digital Domain According to Elbakyan, communism and science share a common mission, which she refers to as “scientific communism.” It’s a concept she came to borrow from the 20th century American sociologist Robert Merton, who founded the sociology of science, a study of science as a social practice. (Merton coined influential terms such as “self-fulfilling prophecy,” “role model,” and “unintended consequences.”) Most influential to Elbakyan were Merton’s “ norms,” which were what he considered to be the defining characteristics of science: universalism, disinterestedness, organized skepticism, and, of course, communism. (Throughout our interview, she’s still quick to rattle off quotes from Merton, declaring, “The communism of the scientific ethos is incompatible with the definition of technology as ‘private property’ in a capitalistic economy.”) Is Sci Hub blocked in France? • ^ Fernández-Ramos, Andrés; Rodríguez Bravo, María Blanca; Alvite Díez, María Luisa; Santos de Paz, Lourdes; Morán Suárez, María Antonia; Gallego Lorenzo, Josefa; Olea Merino, Isabel (2019). "Evolution of the big deals use in the public universities of the Castile and Leon region, Spain = Evolución del uso de los big deals en las universidades públicas de Castilla y León". El profesional de la información (in Spanish). 28 (6). doi: 10.3145/epi.2019.nov.19. • the importance of cellular respiration; the processes of aerobic and anaerobic respiration • Education - Journals • Best VPNs for Windows • French science fiction In the worst case for toll access publishers, growing Sci-Hub usage will become both the cause and the effect of dwindling subscriptions. Librarians rely on usage metrics and user feedback to evaluate subscriptions ( Roth, 1990). Sci-Hub could decrease the use of library subscriptions as many users find it more convenient than authorized access ( Travis, 2016). Furthermore, librarians may receive fewer complaints after canceling subscriptions, as users become more aware of alternatives. Green open access also provides an access route outside of institutional subscription. The posting of preprints and postprints has been growing rapidly ( Piwowar et al., 2018; Kaiser, 2017), with new search tools to help locate them ( Singh Chawla, 2017c). The trend of increasing green availability is poised to continue as funders mandate postprints ( Van Noorden, 2014) and preprints help researchers sidestep the slow pace of scholarly publishing ( Powell, 2016). In essence, scholarly publishers may have already lost the access battle. Publishers will be forced to adapt quickly to open access publishing models. In the words of Alexandra Elbakyan ( Elbakyan, 2016b): “The effect of long-term operation of Sci-Hub will be that publishers change their publishing models to support Open Access, because closed access will make no sense anymore.” adr mixer (uncredited) Hi, The author wants to acknowledge Alexandra Elbakyan, for releasing both data sets used in this study. Further thanks go to John Bohannon, who analyzed and helped release the initial data on downloads from Sci-Hub, and to Athina Tzovara and Philipp Bayer, for fruitful discussion of this manuscript as well as the statistics and analyses involved. By choosing I Accept, you consent to our use of cookies and other tracking technologies. “Si introduces el código identificativo del estudio que necesitas, Sci-Hub lo busca en la base de datos LibGen, que contiene ya 62 millones de estudios piratas. Si el estudio todavía no está allí, lo recuperamos del sitio al que pertenece utilizando las credenciales de investigadores que las han puesto a nuestra disposición.” And also at: Ng Cheuk-Yung Jayde Part of a series on Scott Parker held by Boston University Philosophy Department Что ж, спасибо, вы только что разбили в пух и прах все рассуждения Панчина о лженауке и прочем, так как они базируются на противоположных высказанным вами суждениях. Попутно вы свели всё рациональное мышление, которое так же пытается пропагандировать Панчин до демагогии. • Slipstream (1967, also wrote) Jessica Koubi • You don’t provide any credentials to access sci-hub’s materials – at most you need to do a CAPTCHA. The threat is for librarians and university IT staff to manage, not sci-hub’s users. In other words, offering free access to scholarly materials doesn’t help them infiltrate universities. • The Source • This is a website that open ways to download millions of research materials for free. The Sci-hub free article download website is centralized to remove restricting from downloading journals, articles, and papers from the link. For more information on the topic check this link: Chanthi Vijayapala • Himmelstein D, Wheeler K, Greene C. 2017b. Metadata for all DOIs in Crossref: JSON MongoDB exports of all works from the Crossref API. Figshare. [ CrossRef] • Lab notes Young Adult Science Fiction Dynasty was founded in 2002 by Dmitry Zimin, a beloved philanthropic oligarch whose work had even won him an award from the government “for the Protection of the Russian Science” just weeks earlier. By American standards, Dynasty wasn’t that deep-pocketed. In 2015, its anticipated budget for research funding amounted to just $7.6 million USD. And yet, in Russia, it had no peer as a private supporter of science. Sci-Hub posed a direct threat to the academic publishers’ business model • Matthew H. Todd • Loyola Campus (uncredited) MODERATORS Note: The extension got removed from Chrome Store as they "don't allow products or services that facilitate unauthorized access to content on websites, such as circumventing paywalls or logins restrictions.". Of course you can just manually prepend "" to the URL, but if you still want to automate this, the instructions below should make it work. Installation "Ambos sitios se declaran claramente plataformas piratas que rechazan el principio de los derechos de autor y pasan por alto los portales de acceso de suscripción de los editores". American Libraries, the flagship magazine of the American Library Association, is published bimonthly, six times a year, with four quarterly digital supplements, by the American Library Association. The magazine is sent to some 65,000 individuals and organizations worldwide. ALA members receive American Libraries as a perquisite of membership. > ¿Qué hay detrás de los sitios con acceso abierto (open access)? • With google chrome extension, you can know the time you have spent on a particular website from time to time. ... • Milner, Andrew. Locating Science Fiction. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2012. • September 2015 • recognise that a switch opens and closes a circuit and associate this with whether or not a lamp lights in a simple series circuit If everyone used Sci-hub " institutions ... won't subscribe, after which Sci-Hub won't have access to the papers either". Many publishers would then turn into open access, and other novel paywall-less, noncommercial publishing model(s) would appear as well. You can get an easy $199 off this MacBook Pro right now. It's powered by an 8th-gen Intel Core i5 quad-core processor, and it boasts 8GB of RAM and 256GB of SSD storage. View Deal Concepts Jacob G Levernier is in Library Technology Services and Strategic Initiatives, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, United States Contribution Data curation, Software, Formal analysis, Validation, Investigation, Methodology, Writing—review and editing Competing interests No competing interests declared "This ORCID iD identifies the author of this article:" • Open Access • Tech • Sharing software assistant: Mr. De Line • Map & Direction ... The legal campaigns against Sci-Hub have made the site more well-known than most repositories, and Elbakyan more famous than legal Open Access champions • Bibliotecas escolares • ICanHazPDF 191,950 Lead Animator " I Wanna Be Your Lover" • Clean Energy Research Center According to Elbakyan, communism and science share a common mission We do have evidence of computers having to be wiped after attacks, not in the PDFs you download but are you really telling me they might not do this in future. Do you trust them 100% after seeing all this evidence? 03:29 • ^ Khomami, Nadia (28 May 2016). "All scientific papers to be free by 2020 under EU proposals". The Guardian. ISSN 0261-3077. Archived from the original on 11 March 2019 . Retrieved 10 March 2019. • SF Subgenre Guides Sci-Hub ... This traffic may have been sent by malicious software, a browser plug-in, or a script that sends automated requests. If you share your network connection, ask your administrator for help — a different computer using the same IP address may be responsible. Learn more motion capture performer Lifestyle Sci-Hub’s burgeoning reach and reputation painted a target on Elbakyan’s back. Nonetheless, by the time Elsevier took aim, Elbakyan was already a woman on a mission. Sci-Hub was about to become more to Elbakyan than a “side project.” • - philosophy • • CS1 maint: numeric names: authors list 12 May 2017 | for Version 1 • Use Sci-Hub Android App to download the paper. Up Board High School Result Name Wise • Music sharing The attack took place via EZproxy and began at 02/Sep/2017:05:37:05 +0100 and lasted until 04/Sep/2017:15:45:59 +0100 Gastronomía • Open-design movement How either amounts to a “conspiracy theory”, by the way, is beyond me. Please check the meaning of conspiracy. • Americas Occupational Therapy assosiation New York, DIGITAL SPY, PART OF THE HEARST UK ENTERTAINMENT NETWORK My Absolute Darling Download • Cellphones & Plans Каких слов? Что она банила всех неугодных по итогам голосования? НУ даже тут в комментариях были такие люди. Что она дура? НУ так это эмоциональная оценка конкретного человека и его отношение к ней, какие тут могут быть доказательства? Ее поведение вызвало у него такие вот эмоции. Copyright Jinhyun Kang lighting artist ... В общем, думаю, мы оба поняли наши позиции. • ^ Khalaim, Andrey I.; Ruíz-Cancino, Enrique (31 August 2017). "Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) associated with xyelid sawflies (Hymenoptera, Xyelidae) in Mexico". Journal of Hymenoptera Research. 58: 17–27. doi: 10.3897/jhr.58.12919. In this sequel, Moren brings back Kovalic and his team to carry out a heist onboard a starliner. They’re tasked with stealing a priceless artifact from a crime lord before their rivals in the Illyrican Empire get their hands on it. BitTorrent sites Madlen Mierzwiak 4:12 animation supervisor ... visitors: number of IP addresses that accessed the article Animal Biology Online Course Science We really do mean this! Whether you want an individual lesson or a complete scheme of work, our teaching packs come with a detailed lesson plan that walks you through an engaging input, a slideshow presentation to go with it, differentiated activity ideas, and — in most cases — a range of printable resources such as worksheets, activity cards or writing frames. If anything else is required, you'll be able to see at a glance, as everything you need is listed at the top of every plan!